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Professor and Clinical Researcher

"This prompt payment makes such a difference to me, and the new system that this was processed through is so simple, more informative and leads to less confusion and / or frustration that occurred on occasions in the past, with payments sometimes taking several months to process."


Therefore, I for one am very happy and wish to congratulate your team on this progressive arrangement"

“The approving of expenses is very easy. The receipts and expense details are clear to see – on an iPhone or laptop. Expenses are easily and rapidly completed by our customers and they are getting paid promptly and much quicker than previously”

Regional Business Manager

Consultant Psychiatrist

“I can agree contracts on my phone and to submit my expenses whilst on the train it’s a real time saving.  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love PAYCE”

“PAYCE is very easy to use and gives me time back, such an efficient way of contracting and making payments”

Therapy Account Specialist

Nurse Consultant

“(as a relative technophobe) I found the system very straight forward, simplistic and easy to use - reducing paperwork, time and effort which is always welcome!” 

“An intuitive system easy to follow and understand”

Key Account Specialist

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