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PAYCE is built to manage the many scenarios that engagements with HCPs and HCOs will present:

Capture all HCP engagements, whether there is a fee payable or not


Payments to the HCP, HCO or private company (Including VAT invoicing)


Manage contracts with single payments or those with milestone payments / payment schedules


Determine whether contracted service providers can claim expenses or not


Allow delegates (non-contracted service providers) to claim expenses for certain events


Set user roles and permissions to meet your requirements


Determine the payment run frequency from daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly


Manage caps and controls to stop contracts from being issued to certain HCPs


Set notifications to prompt compliance teams when high value contracts have been generated


Make agendas and event information visible for HCPs to directly access via the HCP PAYCE portal


These are some of the configuration options available.


We understand that configuration may differ within your company and can help you determine your specific market configuration needs.


Create engagements and contracts manually using the intuitive user interface or have them automatically created directly from your CRM or events management systems.


PAYCE integration with events management and CRM systems, automatically creates engagements and contracts as soon as approval has been granted.


Alternatively, the PAYCE importer programme can automatically load files transmitted to PAYCE via API & FTP connections or via manual upload.


Contracts can be signed either inside PAYCE or you may wish to continue to contract outside of PAYCE (as part of established processes).


Contracts can be generated from either standard company templates; or bespoke agreements may also be loaded by nominated users.


Enable cross border contracting, automatically creating contracts via your templates from the HCPs country of residence or use the contracting markets template.


Agreements can automatically be issued to the service provider or routed for approval before release.


Determine your financial reporting requirements, ensuring that journal files are generated as per your requirements for simple upload into your accounting system.

Bespoke disclosure reporting, control reports and dashboard customisation to fit your requirements.


Integrate into the PAYCE outsourced payment solution or retain payments in house.


Customise event names, workflows and add additional engagement types to meet company needs


Manage different legal bases for disclosure on a market basis – Either: legislation, legitimate interest or allow HCPs to set their consent to public disclosure.


Deploy across different countries, languages and currencies. Load your exchange rates or convert using automated 3rd party feeds.


Set the specific disclosure text and privacy notice details for your HCPs to view for each engagement.


Set email addresses for general system reports and notifications.

Allow or disable retrospective events to be created.

Provide custom guidance on allowable expenses for HCPs to review and acknowledge.

Enable delegates claiming expenses to self-register or be added by the meeting organiser.


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