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Release internal resources from processing payments

By integrating PAYCE’s specialist outsourced payment solution into your internal system, your finance teams will be free to focus on partnering and value add activities.

Outsource your HCP and HCO payments

PAYCE is s flexible and intuitive platform made specifically to ensure quick payment to HCPs and HCO’s across over 50 countries, with and accurate postings onto your ledgers whilst providing greater insights into spend management.


By adopting PAYCE, our pharmaceutical clients see a saving of time and money, and an ability to utilise internal resources on more valuable activities.

We created this so that you can:
Release your finance team from the complexities of HCP/HCO payments
Pay HCPs/HCOs within days of the engagement
Gain greater insights into your payments and future commitments
Here's how it works
A trusted payment provider to the pharmaceutical industry
SOX compliant control framework
Automated reconciliations and checks
Validation and governance steps to ensure company policies are adhered to
Reduce the administrative burden and manual processing, saving you time and money
The latest encryption and authentication technology to ensure your sensitive data remains safe
An interactive dashboard to quickly assess payments and timelines to pay, with control reports and reconciliations to fit your requirements
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