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Replay 2021 Disclosures Revealed: What it tells us and the different methodologies employed across the industry

Following the publication of the UKs disclosure data for 2021, we recently hosted our annual strategic insights session. You can catch up and watch a recording of the session below.

Since 2016, the team at PAYCE have analysed this data and have provided an annual update to its clients. Where we cover:

  • What were the overall 2021 industry disclosures and what does it tell us?

  • What were the different methodologies employed across the industry?

  • How 2021 compares to previous years?

  • What has been the impact now external engagements are increasing?

We are also providing free 30 minute 1:1 sessions to explore the interactive dashboards which are featured throughout the webinar and offer a huge amount of insight for any company

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