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Assured compliance with every engagement

PAYCE enables you to effortlessly comply with your company’s SOPs and code requirements across engagements with patients, journalists, members of the public  and patient organisations.

A highly intuitive and governed module

With PAYCE you can be confident that the right processes are followed for critical engagements and that the unique disclosure requirements for all of your sensitive relationships are always met, consistently.


PAYCE is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and governed platform perfect for managing engagements with  members of the public and patient organisations from one central resource.

We created this so that you can:
Quickly access all engagements across your organisation
Be confident that the right processes are followed
ensure the correct documentation is always issued and available
PAYCE portal.png
Here's how it works
Access all events and view documentation, status and details at any time
Reduce the administrative burden and manual processing, saving you time and money
Issue specific company agreements for members of the public or patient organisations
Provide disclosure extracts that meet your requirements
An interactive dashboard that allows users to zoom in from an overview to the detail, whilst flagging risks of upcoming and potential breaches
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