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Allow HCPs to clearly understand your pre-disclosure information

Provide a premium experience for an HCP with your company by  sharing the detail of every ToV prior to public disclosure.
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Confidently publish your annual disclosures

HCPs use a single PAYCE portal login across different companies to gain confidence and understanding of your pre-disclosure information, putting them in control of their data prior to public disclosure.


Within the portal each HCP can view of breakdown of their TOVs and where required sets their consent choice before public disclosure.

We created this so that you can:
Provide a streamlined, accessible disclosure resource for HCPs
Control what consent/ disclosure requirements are needed
Remove corrections and resubmissions post disclosure
Here's how it works
Quick adoption and rollout to your organisation within days
Simple integration into your reporting systems
Configured to meet your basis of disclosure - legislation, free choice (consent) or legitimate interest
Ensure every HCP has visibility of all their ToVs (direct and Indirect) prior to disclosure
Reduce the administrative burden and manual processing, saving you time and money
Access simple ToV reporting
An interactive dashboard that allows users to zoom in from an overview to the detail, whilst flagging risks of upcoming and potential breaches
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