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Business Presentation


Achieve full control of your HCP slide decks

HCPs can easily access your pre-approved slides and upload their slide decks for approval using the familiar PAYCE system.

Their slide decks are then automatically routed to your medical approval systems and processes.

You never have to worry about missing documentation again

With PAYCE, the intuitive flow simplifies collecting slide decks for approval and ensures certified slides are clearly communicated and accessible to all.


Using the HCP portal we effortlessly guide HCPs through your company and code requirements and prompt them to ensure that submissions fit into your approval timelines.

We created this so that you can:
Control the use of company slides in one central repository
Ensure the correct content is used at the right time
View a transparent audit of what has been used and when
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Here's how it works
Set up system prompts to advise meeting organisers and compliance teams of upcoming and missed deadlines
Simple integration into your existing medical sign off systems and processes
Auto email reminders to HCPs to notify them of submission deadlines and required actions
Make pre-approved single slides or full decks available for use
Every action and document is recorded within system audit logs
Quickly access all meeting documentation and evidence in a single place
An interactive dashboard that allows users to zoom in to the detail of all interactions
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