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Image by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro


Ensuring grants and donations are handled efficiently

Once you have agreed to fund a grant or donation, PAYCE then removes cumbersome administration, without compromising on compliance and saving you time and money.

Getting funding to where it’s needed

PAYCE’s seamless workflow issues agreements for the grant/ donation, distributes confirmation letters, makes the funding payments and captures TOV for the funding requests. All whilst integrating into a company’s review and approval structures.

We created this so that you can:
Improve the efficiency of processing grants and donations
Provide a single source of truth with a simplified process
Ensure that company and code requirements are confidently met
Here's how it works
Simple Integration into the company’s application, review and approval processes
Reduce the administrative burden and manual processing, saving you time and money
Upload certified agreements for signature
Provide disclosure extracts that meet your requirements
Access all funding requests and view documentation, see the status and details at any time
Specialist validations to ensure alignment of payment details to the funding request
An interactive dashboard that allows users to zoom in from an overview to the detail of all transactions, HCP usage, whilst flagging risks of upcoming and potential breaches
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