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LectureLinx and PAYCE Announce a Global Expansion Through a Worldwide Exclusive Licensing Agreement

LectureLinx and PAYCE Announce a Global Expansion Through a Worldwide Exclusive Licensing Agreement to Combine Technologies and Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The unification of LectureLinx and PAYCE provides leading-edge solutions for compliance and HCP/HCO engagement management

December 6, 2022 - LectureLinx, a leader in compliance technologies for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, and PAYCE, a leading pharmaceutical technology provider for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) in Europe, have agreed to an exclusive global license to integrate key PAYCE technologies and services into the LectureLinx platform and systems in a worldwide initiative to transform how healthcare practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry collaborate.

In the last decade pharmaceutical and life science companies have adopted new transparency reporting requirements across different countries, whilst seeking to minimise the impacts on the HCP and ensuring that their systems and processes remain highly effective. More and more companies are now fully focused on the HCP experience. With continued operational challenges, reporting, tracking, audit and more, LectureLinx and PAYCE saw the opportunity to combine forces to solve both problems. U.S. based LectureLinx will develop and commercialize the multi-functional PAYCE platform, which has an established reputation across the European pharma market. The purpose-built industry platform offers a new standard in compliance technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as proven solutions, which include streamlined contracting and faster HCP payments, as well as strengthening disclosure reporting, while recognizing regional differences across international markets.

The two companies will combine their expertise and experience across different locations and their understanding of local markets to operate as a single global provider, delivering expanded offerings and reach, a broader set of solutions, and increased benefits to existing and future clients.

“Years of real-world market experience allow LectureLinx and PAYCE to combine forces to make this bold and brave move. Together, we provide a unique, fully integrated solution across the globe, which no other provider can offer or match,” said LectureLinx Founder and CEO Ellen Varelas. “It’s challenging to navigate the pharmaceutical markets both in the U.S. and EU. But together, with integrated solutions and strategies and future investment in development, we will enable our pharmaceutical clients to offer unparalleled experiences for healthcare providers and organizations.”

“We are leveraging our shared synergies and combining our solutions to fulfil a global need for pharma and, more importantly, a better experience for HCPs and HCOs worldwide,” said PAYCE Founder and CEO David Bloomfield. “Every business that is looking to strengthen its compliance and improve HCP engagement on a global scale will benefit.”

LectureLinx’s global headquarters will remain in the US. The European headquarters will be located in the UK. To learn more, please visit:


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