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Save time. save money. save face. with PAYCE

There are three clear reasons why our clients in the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare professions choose to work with us.

PAYCE saves you time. PAYCE saves you money. And PAYCE quite literally saves you face. So can you afford not to be working with us?

Here come the hows and whys

save time

PAYCE integrates easily into existing CRM and ERP systems, providing automated processing to increase a pharmaceutical company’s internal efficiencies.

By providing simplified contracting and faster payments, and strengthening disclosure reporting, our specialist outsourced payment solution releases your sales and finance teams from the complexities and distractions of payment queries and manual processing.

No more labour-intensive payment queries and processes for your finance teams; no more high volume / low value transactions to process; no more master data and bank details to maintain. Just the clarity of upcoming payments and financial commitments using a SOX-compliant trusted payment model. And saving your finance team’s precious time means they can focus on important promotional activities or sales calls instead.

Our own research shows that PAYCE saves meeting organisers on average four hours per event vs typical industry practice.

What’s more, with in-built, highly intuitive flows, automated system controls and guided processes mean, users require little to no training or IT knowledge to use PAYCE – and that’s even more time savings.

Specially optimised for mobile devices, PAYCE is a real time-saver for healthcare professionals (HCPs) too, enabling them to sign contracts, submit invoices and expenses on the go, and manage their disclosures and consent status. PAYCE puts them in control of their events and data, with one place and one login to manage all their engagements and contracts across different companies.

save money

In saving you time, PAYCE inevitably saves you money too.

From a resource perspective, PAYCE enables you to invest in other important areas of your business and, importantly, frees up your sales and finance teams to focus on activities which add further value to the business too.

In fact, just by increasing internal efficiencies, PAYCE succeeded in saving one multi-national pharmaceutical company £645,000.

Meanwhile, for another global pharmaceutical stalwart, the implementation of PAYCE has delivered productivity savings of circa £450,000 for the company and created an extra week of selling time per rep.

One company’s director also told us: “By adopting PAYCE, we have been able to streamline central resources, effectively saving the equivalent time of one full-time employee.”

And another company’s Head of Customer Excellence added: “PAYCE’s simplified approach using technology has provided a holistic end-to-end process with built-in data validations which has improved efficiencies internally and continues to provide an enhanced experience for both HCPs and HCOs.”

On top of providing a simple and seamless way for HCPs / HCOs to engage with your company, it also pays to use PAYCE.

save face

Which brings us onto our final point. Saving face. That is, safeguarding your reputation.

PAYCE has been purpose-built for pharmaceutical companies to better engage with HCPs. We know from our own experiences that nothing derails a relationship with an eminent HCP more than a late payment.

Our simplified contracting, however, turns a cumbersome process into a competitive advantage. No more chasing protracted company policy documents, no more delayed or missed payments to HCPs and, best of all, no more embarrassing calls regarding these overdue payments. PAYCE guarantees quick payments (on average within seven days of an event) and simple disclosure reporting at the click of a button, with an added assurance that the correct processes are being followed every single time.

PAYCE’s SOX-compliant control framework even identifies and prevents risks before they become a problem – so you get a complete end-to end-process with built-in data validation providing a single source of truth on top of the assurance that contracts are being completed correctly with a full audit trail and document store.

As the pharmaceutical industry director told us: “Since launching PAYCE, we have seen a significant reduction in payment queries. In fact, we've not had one HCP complaints or query re payment timelines. Previously my team was managing such queries daily, and that was beginning to impact our reputation.”

There’s a reason why PAYCE is used by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and by over 2,500 UK HCPs. PAYCE saves time, saves money, saves face. Can you afford not to be working with us?


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